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Jumping for the first time can be nerve-wracking. You don’t know what to expect, or how to feel, and in general, jumping out of a plane can be extremely intimidating. But like doing anything for the first time, be as prepared as you can to ensure your success. If you have decided to go skydiving, here are five helpful tips that will help you have a great experience.


Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically  


Before even arriving at the skydiving center you will want to feel both mentally and physically prepared. Being prepared physically means you know what to wear while skydiving.. Make sure that you are wearing something that allows you to move freely and will insulate you properly.


Mentally, you will want to prepare yourself and get into a healthy headspace. This being your first time jumping, you may have a few jitters. To overcome your fear of skydiving read my previous blog, where I walk you through the top ways of overcoming your fear.


  1. Pull Your Focus Away From Yourself


As you arrive at the skydiving center, you will want to turn your focus away from everything else that is happening in your life and focus on preparing yourself for the jump. It can be easy to get yourself psyched out if you keep imagining “what if” scenarios in your head.


Pull your focus away from yourself and turn your attention to the staff and other jumpers. By paying attention to the staff’s brief, talking to other jumpers, or practicing your breathing, you can get yourself in the zone.


  1. Calm Your Nerves


As you ascend up into the air on the plane, it is natural for your nerves to start to kick in. To tackle your jitters, find something to do that will push those feelings to the side. Depending on your personality this can be a variety of actions ranging from closing your eyes and mediating or chatting to the person next to you.


  1.   Be a Banana!


A first-time jumper will always be accompanied by a staff member on their first jump. The staff member will have you attached to the front of their harness. Often an instructor will tell you to arch your body as you fall.


An easy way to remember this is to pretend you are a banana. Your belly button will want to protrude out compared to the rest of your body. By flexing your body into this shape, it will feel more like you are flying rather than falling.


  1. Look up and Celebrate Your Success


Once you start to see the ground getting closer, don’t look at your feet. Keep your eyes on the horizon and take in the scenery around you. As you land, pat yourself on the back for accomplishing your first skydiving jump. Not only can you add this new experience to your list of accomplishments, but perhaps you can also add overcoming your fear.