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The Health Benefits of Skydiving

Most people categorize skydiving as a bucket-list checkbox or a one-time stunt. For frequent skydivers, it is much more than that. It is a sport that helps to create a healthy lifestyle, with both physical and emotional benefits. To find out how skydiving can affect your own health and wellbeing, keep on reading!

Benefits For Your Body

Do you describe yourself as clumsy? Skydiving can help you go from a klutz to a person of grace. Skydiving is a great tool in training your “proprioception”. Proprioception is a phenomenon that helps you cognitively understand where your body is, regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Your proprioception can be trained in a variety of ways. Skydiving, however, offers a certain uniqueness, since the body is supported by air molecules which exerts a different type of force than the ground.

Not only that, but skydiving is a workout for the arms and lower body. From controlling your parachute in the air to landing on the ground to carrying skydiving equipment, you will use multiple muscle groups in ways that you have never used before.

Benefits For Your Brain

Whether it is your first time or fiftieth time, skydiving is an intense and thrilling experience. While diving through the air, your body releases serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters can have great effects on the body. Serotonin can help you gain more focus, become more relaxed, and even give you relief from headaches.

Dopamine, on the other hand, is a reward chemical for your brain. In response to doing something that your body likes, dopamine is released to your brain, and in return, it helps you feel more content. Dopamine and serotonin is a powerful and beneficial combination for you and your brain.    

Benefits For Your Mind

Skydiving does more for your health and wellbeing than releasing chemicals to your brain or making you more physically fit.

With all the stressors that life bring, skydiving has the ability to melt away your worries and stress. As you start to cascade towards the ground, all of your focus will be on what you are doing in that very moment. From skydiving, you can gain a new perspective on life. When you take that first leap out of the plane, you will come to the realization that life isn’t that scary after all. After conquering this sport, any challenge will seem a little less intimidating.