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What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

Skydiving evokes fear in many because the idea of flying in the sky can be frightening. To answer what skydiving feels like is to answer the physical and emotional factors that go into the experience. Falling in the middle of the air at around 120 miles per hour is not something many can relate to, and if you were to talk to most people who have skydived, they will all tell you it is a very unique experience. As a first time skydiver, what can you expect out of your experience?


The most important thing you can understand about your skydiving experience is that all of your senses will be working in overdrive. In a way, they come alive and some may undergo “sensory overload”. Because you will be experiencing many things at once, your body will be working extra hard to ensure that you are safe. We all currently see the world from ground level. However, once you are in the air, you will be seeing it from the vantage point of an airplane, or a bird.


You feel the sensation of pressure on your skin. Once you jump, you will notice it is much colder than when you reach the surface. What do you hear? The loud rush of the wind as it rushes past your face and ears. Have you ever heard the sound of your body immediately as it enters into a pool of water? Or static when you blow in a microphone? That is what you will likely hear.


However, many of the responses have to do with the variety of emotions that goes through one’s mind. Dealing with sensory overload, it is rather simple to let emotions take control. This is especially the case as your body fluctuates in speed while you are airborne.


It is hard to describe the experience because diving in the sky is a unique experience for each and every person. Some do it to put the past behind them, while others do it to overcome a longstanding fear. Your reasoning may be different, but what is a surety is that your experience will be very personal. If there is one guarantee you will get out of skydiving, it is that it will be an experience you won’t forget.