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Debunking Popular Skydiving Myths

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the rush that comes from falling from the sky. Skydiving has since become an institution; a staple of the sporting world and a common part of many “Things to Do Before You Die” lists the world over.


However, as skydiving has become more popular, the number of myths and misconceptions have only gotten higher. Whether you’re a curious prospective diver or a skeptic looking to find the truth, just know that the following common myths are incorrect.


Skydiving Is Dangerous


This is perhaps the most common misconception there is about skydiving and the most untrue. Like with any “extreme” activity there is always, some type of risk. There are clear risks associated with jumping from a large height, but modern skydiving has so many safety precautions and regulations that make it one of the safest experiences out there. You’re actually more likely to die during the drive to the drop zone than you are skydiving.


But What If Something Happens to the Parachute?


Simple! In the event that something happens to the first canopy, a backup chute is ready! They are installed in every rig to ensure that once you’re in the air, you end up safely on the ground.


Skydiving Is Only About the Fall


Many people place a lot of emphasis on the initial freefall when they think of skydiving, but falling is only half the fun. In fact, most repeat divers will tell you their favorite part of skydiving is the calm, quiet, and slow descent that occurs after the chute’s been deployed.


It’s Only Fun the First Time Around


Just ask any repeat diver and they will tell you that skydiving only gets better the more you do it. Once you know what to expect and what you’re doing, skydiving only becomes more fun to do over time.


Find out more about the fun of skydiving here:


Bonus: Skydiving Will Make Me Feel (Blank)


Finally, let’s quickly run through some of the physical rumors regarding the actual feeling of skydiving:

  • No, you won’t have trouble breathing on the way down
  • No, you won’t get that sinking feeling
  • No, there’s no jolt that occurs when the chute’s deployed
  • And no, the instructor doesn’t rip the cord when you begin to land