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The Types of Competitive Skydiving

What is Competitive Skydiving?

Competitive skydiving is a sport that takes the act of gliding through the sky with a parachute to another level. It allows participants to compete with friends, family, and even other like-minded participants in a variety of ways.

The different types of competitive skydiving are as follows:

Formation Skydiving

This type of skydiving allows a group of individuals, usually teams of four to eight family or friends, to form a shape. The shapes and designs of these formations are already determined before the event begins so that each member knows what to do and can practice beforehand.

Freestyle and Freeflying Skydiving

These two forms of skydiving are similar, except that freestyle skydiving is a solo act that is led by your imagination. Freeflying skydiving, on the other hand, can be done by two or more skydivers in unison or individually.

Style Skydiving

Style skydiving is usually carried out by solo participants interested in performing a set of complex moves or acts mid-air. This requires an immense amount of practice, experience, and skill since participants must control the position of their body while freefalling.

Accuracy Landings

When participants are finished with skydiving, they may choose to perform an accuracy landing. This entails landing as close as possible to a 5cm, or 1.9 inch, disk. To track the distance that competitors land from the disk, an electric sensor pad is used by the skydivers.


In skysurfing, a skydiver is given a specific type of skyboard to use during freefalling in order to perform tricks and moves mid-air. This is similar to style skydiving, except the skyboard allows for the skydiver to perform barrel rolls, loops, and even the popular helicopter spin.

Why Competitive Skydiving?

The list of different types of competitive skydiving give insight as to the many types of adventures both rookie and experienced skydivers can experience. This may seem a bit risky at first glance, but with a parachute, other skydivers, and the use of monitoring, your safety is the top priority of these skydiving sites. Jump in and get a taste of the fun to watch competitive sport, or enjoy others watching you as you perform these daredevil stunts while freefalling in mid-air.